CREATE is a week long art camp we offer to the community every summer for kids K-8th grade. Join us June 18-22, 6:30 – 8:30pm at the Grand Rapids Child Discovery Center for a fun week of creativity. Scroll down for the link to register or to volunteer! Cost for the week is $30. A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available.

2018 Class Descriptions (grade levels are as entering in the fall):

[CLASS IS FULL] BAKING BONANZA(K-3) If you are looking for fun, look no further than Baking Bonanza! We will measure, pour, mix, stir, knead, and bake. And all of our fun will result in great tasting food that we will eat each night!

DANCE (K-2) Do you love to dance? This class is for you! We’ll learn some simple choreography and perform at our Friday evening Gallery Night.

DRAWING(K-2) Not just another boring drawing class!  We’ll be using all different tools and items to make drawing exciting and fun!

[CLASS IS FULL] PAINT (2-5) The use of paint and brush will be a lifelong love. This class will be a great way for your artist to learn colors and creating!

[CLASS IS FULL] PHOTOGRAPHY (5-8) It’s more than ‘point and click’. Learn photo skills and turn your pictures into art, not just snapshots! Gear needed: Digital camera with removable media (SD Card, Compact Flash, etc).  DSLR preferred.

RECYCLED ART (K-1) Some see junk, we see potential! Transform used and recycled items into amazing unique and creative art.

RECYCLED ART (2-6) Reclaim, Renew and Recreate! We will use junk as our medium to transform into one-of-a-kind works of art. Never look at your recycling the same again!

[CLASS IS FULL] STEPPING INTO SEWING (3-8) Learn basic sewing skills such as how to read a pattern, pin & cut material, and sew together a project. At the end of the week, you’ll have a great skirt or pajama pants, perfect for summer.

SHOW CHOIR (5-8) Do you dream of singing and dancing on a stage? This class is for you! We will use our singing voices and learn dance moves to put together a team performance for the final night. This year’s performance song will be “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman. If possible, come the first night having listened to the song a few times (look for it on Spotify or iTunes). Are you ready for this musical adventure? Let’s go!

[CLASS IS FULL] VIDEO/DOCUMENTARY (4-8) In a world where everyone has access to video cameras on phones and other devices, videography and storytelling have become part of our culture. Learn videography through helping document our CREATE camp. We will go over basic camera skills along with learning storytelling by capturing the experiences of the week.

[CLASS IS FULL] WOODWORKING (4-8) Pick up your tools and learn how to use them! You’ll build your own bean bag toss game and personalize it with your own design.



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