CREATE is a week long art camp we offer to the community every summer for kids K-8th grade. Join us June 24-28, 6:30 – 8:30pm at the The Branch Church (973 28th St. SE in Grand Rapids) for a fun week of creativity in many forms. Note the location change from prior years! The camp is the same as before, but with a different location this year. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. Scroll to the end of the Class Descriptions for the link. Cost for the week is $30. A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available.

2019 Class Descriptions

CHARACTER DRAWING (6-8) Create and design a cool character that can be used in all types of projects, such as animation, comics, and storytelling!

CREATING WITH CODE (3-6) [CLASS IS FULL] Using basic computer programming, we’ll code a programmable circuit board to build digital devices and interactive objects. Combining technical skill with creative thought to develop a project such as a model traffic light, a stopwatch, an alarm system and more! The class is designed for beginners – no coding experience necessary.

CULINARY ARTS (2-5) [CLASS IS FULL]Turn your food into art while learning cooking vocabulary, techniques, tools and utensils and kitchen safety!

DRAWING (K-2) Not your boring old drawing class!  Our students will use their creativity to create multiple projects using all sorts of drawing tools on multiple types of mediums -not just plain old paper!  So join us for a week of fun and exciting drawing!

KNITTING (3-8) Knitting is a class for kids to start from the beginning or develop knitting skills. We will choose a scarf or hat pattern to make  and learn about casting on, knit and purl stitches, binding off and what is this thing called gauge?

MATH ART (1-3)  For the budding mathematicians! We will create art projects using math ideas. The projects will be on concepts of shapes, tessellations, symmetry, fractions and more. Think M.C. Escher!

PHOTOGRAPHY (5-8)  It’s more than ‘point and click’. Learn photo skills and turn your pictures into art, not just snapshots! Gear needed: Digital camera with removable media (SD Card, Compact Flash, etc).  DSLR preferred.

RECYCLED ART (K-1) Some see junk, we see potential! Transform used and recycled items into amazing unique and creative art.

RECYCLED ART (2-5) [CLASS IS FULL] Reclaim, Renew and Recreate! We will use junk as our medium to transform into one-of-a-kind works of art. Never look at your recycling the same again!

SEW IT YOURSELF! (3-8)  Learn how to use a sewing machine and create cool stuff that you can use everyday! Make a drawstring backpack with pocket to carry anything you might need for summer or school!

STEAM (K-2) [CLASS IS FULL] This  STEAM{Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math} class- lead by a neuroscientist and a constant DIYer- will be an explosion of science and art! Kiddos will  infuse creativity into simple, hands-on applications of physics, electronics, chemistry, biology and more.

VIDEO/DOCUMENTARY (4-8) [CLASS IS FULL]In a world where everyone has access to video cameras on phones, and other devices, videography, and storytelling have become part of our culture. Learn videography and storytelling through a creative project at CREATE camp. We will go over necessary camera skills along with teaching you to work in a team, lighting, story and create a unique class-specific video to showcase at the celebration on Friday.


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