The Good and Beautiful Life: Learning to Live Without Lying (4.7.19)

Questions for Discussion (chapter 6) James Bryan Smith gives an insightful list of lies we often tell: Yes, I have read that book (or seen that movie). Yes, let’s definitely get together soon. He’s in a meeting. She’s not home. No, that outfit doesn’t make you look fat. Add to this list by brainstorming lies […]

The Good and Beautiful Life: Learning to Live Without Worry (3.31.19)

There’s no podcast for this day because there was no sermon! Instead, we engaged in 4 prayer stations designed to help us take steps toward trusting God instead of worrying. Chapter 10 of The Good and Beautiful Life is a great place to start. Resources are listed below if you would like to engage in […]

The Good and Beautiful Life: Learning to Live Without Anger (3.24.19)

Questions for Reflection from Chapter 4: The author opens the chapter with the author’s honest account of getting angry during a trip. What aspects of the author’s story can you relate to? The author gives us multiple “false imperative narratives” (FINs) (p. 73). Which FIN is most common in your life? How does it lead […]

The Good and Beautiful Life: The Grand Invitation (3.17.19)

Questions for reflection:1. How can you offer hospitality to someone this week (a coworker, a neighbor or someone you disagree with)?2. Review the section “Jesus’ Narrative: The Beatitudes Are Invitations of Inclusion,” on pp. 55-62 of The Good and Beautiful Life. How does the author’s interpretation resonate or differ from what you have been taught […]

Recalibrate: What Shapes You? (1.13.19)

How can a trip to the mall shape who we are? Are we aware of the things that are shaping us? And are those things shaping us to be more like God? Listen here as we explore these questions.

Recalibrate: What do you want? (1.6.19)

As we begin a new year we invite you to join us as we consider how to recalibrate our heart’s desires towards what really matters — to those things that are primary — to true north. Proverbs 4:23 says “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” We encourage you […]