This Sunday we’ll be looking at Acts 2:1-21.  There’s too much here for us to consider on Sunday alone, so I wanted to share a few thoughts about one of the items we won’t have much time to discuss during worship: the day of Pentecost. For many of us today, we either connect the word […]

What should I do?

So where do we go from here? The Branch is a place where dreams and passions are free to unfold – a place where people are encouraged to explore the ways God may be moving them towards mission. God is already working, renewing and moving in the world and in the hearts of the people. […]

Who is in a Missional Community?

Branch MCs What is an MC? >Who is in an MC? What about kids and MCs? What does an MC do?   Two words: anyone and everyone. One of the strengths of Missional Communities is that they allow for people to get involved in a variety of ways.  Which is to say, there is no right […]

meal night

As fall settles in and the leaves begin to pile up, is there anything better than a warm bowl of soup with friends? On Friday, November 18…

Beneath the Tree

Last year, Beneath the Tree raised $4500 for CREATE — a gift that not only made CREATE 2011possible, but the best year yet. This November, we hope you will join us in making Beneath the Tree (and therefore CREATE) a huge success. Here’s how:

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Week 3: Dreaming New Dreams

BranchKids Registration

It’s that time of the year again! Time to register (or re-register) your kids for another year in BranchKids.

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Week 2 – missional communities

Missional Communities

If you’ve been around the Branch lately you’ve probably heard talk about Missional Communities (MCs). But maybe you’re wondering just what exactly MCs are…(click here for more)

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Week 1 – three things

Camping Trip

We’re planning a camping outing Sept. 9-11 at Wabasis Lake Campground. Click for more…