Have we moved?

The sign may look different — but we haven’t moved!  For a couple of months, Alas Conexion is using the lower portion of the sign in order to let drivers on 28th St. know they have officially started meeting for worship (they had a great launch on Easter morning!).  Later this summer we’ll add a permanent […]

God? Is that you? (part 4)

If you’re just joining us, we’ve been considering some practical steps we can take to get better and better at hearing God’s voice.  To see what’s been covered so far (each post is fairly short), start here.  Today I want to offer a final ‘filter’ in the process.  To recap: Get away to listen. Then, […]

God? Is that you? (part 3)

I’ve been writing over the last couple of weeks about how we can grow in our ability to discern God’s voice.  I’m convinced that this is an absolutely critical skill if we are to follow Jesus, because I’m convinced that following Jesus revolves around these two questions: “What is God saying to me?” “What am […]

God? Is that you? (part 2)

Last week, I wrote a post that began looking at how we can grow in our ability to discern whether or not God is speaking to us.  I suggested that it begins with stepping away from the noise — which you can read about here. So let’s say we do that — we step away , […]

God? Is that you? (part 1)

This Sunday, after worship, I found myself in one of those conversations I absolutely love. It had started out simple enough: how was your week?, how’s work?, etc.  But then the friend I was talking with dropped this: “The message today was a tough one for me.” I had just preached on John 2:1-12 – […]

Vision (part 2)

Yesterday, we looked at how the first half of our vision statement is connected to the biblical theme of covenant.  Today – let’s look at how the second half is rooted in Kingdom. in the renewal of all things through Christ = kingdom As we embrace the covenant God has made with us, and the […]

Vision (part 1)

Vision: A community united with God in the renewal of all things through Christ. This past Sunday (10/20) we began a three week series about our vision, strategy and values.  And while we hope that these messages are super-duper-amazing, we know that we can’t cover it all in 30 minutes.  That’s why we’re writing this […]

2014 budget

Our process for forming our budget begins with your input and prayer. Here’s how you can join us.

connect + grow (small groups)

Starting the week of October 20 we’ll be launching a number of short-term small groups. The idea is simple: four households meeting for four consecutive weeks in order to connect and grow.  These groups are for everyone – new to the Branch or ol’-timer, adult or child, and are centered around a meal and a […]

refugee resettlement. relationship. mission.

Join the Refugee Mission Circle this Sunday, March 3, at 6:30 for dinner and conversation about this mission circle’s purpose and work.   It’s a great chance to connect with others — hear about what this MC will be doing — and discover how you could join in.  Kids are welcome — no need to […]

art. relationship. mission.

This Friday, March 1st, from 7pm to 9pm at the building our third mission circle invites everyone to an evening of great food and conversation.  Come and learn more about this mission circle, which is interested in helping the arts community — specifically artists — here in Grand Rapids. At this meal we’ll share more […]

Meal Nights (this fall)

This September/October, groups of 8-10 adults (and kiddos) will be gathering in homes around GR for four consecutive weeks.  The reason?  Simple: food and relationship.  If you’d be interested in being a host for one of these meals, email chris@thebranchonline.org