The Branch is Moving Online


We’ll be using Zoom for our Sunday gathering for the foreseeable future. Zoom is a video conferencing tool that works on all devices and platforms. All you need is an internet connection and a camera on your device (or, you can just call in). Here’s the link (it is the same link every week):

What can you expect on Sunday?

  • Our team will lead a time of prayer, reflection and worship.
  • We’ll leverage technology to offer opportunities to engage and interact throughout the morning.
  • Each household will log on with one device. We would recommend, if you have the possibility, of logging in on a device with the largest screen; however, Zoom works great on a phone too.
  • While we hope people will choose to turn on their cameras for our time together (seeing each other in a day of social distancing will be a gift), it is also not required. You can simply log into Zoom and keep your camera off. You’ll still be able to hear and see everything that our team will be leading.
  • Need help with Zoom? Check out a few tips here by downloading the file.


Every Sunday at 5:30pm, BranchStudents will gather on Zoom. After an opening time together, they’ll split into MS and HS groups. For questions, contact Brian 616-890-2621 or Laura 616-669-7066. Here is the link (it is the same link every week):


BranchKids will meet online every Tuesday at 10am. This will be a time to connect, learn about God and hang out together. After we meet, an email will be sent to parents with activities they can do at home. This group is for our kids in Preschool-5th grade. The link is the same every time we gather:

Practicing Presence

In a time of uncertainty and constant change, we need to remain grounded in the present moment, aware of God’s care and connected to each other. That’s why every Wednesday from 8:00-8:30pm we’ll gather for a time to connect with others and engage in a mindfulness practice. The Zoom link is the same every week:


Every Monday and Friday at 2pm, SaraJane Herrboldt will lead us through a simple mindfulness exercise together. Children and students are encouraged to join us. The link is the same every time we gather:

Prayer and Reflection

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at Noon. Join us for 15-20 minutes of prayer and reflection on Zoom. We’ll be using a trusted form of prayer (known as the Examen) to take stock of our days and notice where God has been with us, and what we need to move forward in faith. This time will be easily accessible for all people — and no one will be put on the spot. Feel free to call in with or without video and use the time however would be most meaningful to you. The link is the same every time we gather:

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