Vision & Values


A community united with God in the renewal of all things through Christ.

vision-grAs you read this, God is at work in our world renewing all that is broken and lost. But here’s the thing: God isn’t doing it alone. Instead, God has chosen to gather a people to join in that renewal by becoming disciples of Jesus. Stepping out on this journey not only means that our lives will be radically changed, but we will also witness and experience what we all long for: heaven coming to earth — right here, right now.


We unite with God in the renewal of all things by following Jesus’ example of making disciples who make disciples.

  • Disciples learn to be like Jesus (character)
  • Disciples learn to do the things Jesus did (competency)


Values-ChalkboardWholistic Worship

Every day of the week we worship God with everything we have — always ready to imagine new ways to surrender our lives to God.

Authentic Community

God is shaping us into a community where diversity and difference are celebrated, not feared; where all people have a place and find purpose.

Families On Mission

We want to follow Jesus not only individually, but in community by developing extended-like families that share life and engage in mission together.


Simplicity is the ongoing decision to stay focused on what God is specifically calling the Branch to do.

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