Small Groups

We believe it’s important to provide opportunities for all of us to grow in our faith, no matter where we might be on that journey. We also believe it’s important to offer opportunities that will foster connections and community building. To that end, we offer small groups 3 times a year: once in the fall, then in the winter and again in the spring during Lent. You will meet with the same group of people all 3 times. Choose your group based on the content we’ll be studying. Winter groups will start the week of Jan. 13. Here are your options:

  1. Conflict as Opportunity: Human Sexuality
    Meets Sunday evenings @ 6:00pm (starts Jan. 20)
    This group came out of a training we offered last spring. Is it possible to navigate conflict in a healthy way? Could conflict even lead to greater relationship? How do we, as Christ-followers handle conflict in a way that brings light to the darkness? This group will practice techniques using real-life scenarios. If you get anxious when conflict arises, this group is for you!
  2. How We Read the Bible: A Parents’ Guide to Teaching the Bible
    Meets Thursdays @ 5:45pm
    This group is open to everyone. In the fall, we spent some of our time considering specific ways we can teach our kids about what the Bible is and how to read it; during the six weeks in the winter, we’ll more broadly discuss how we read the Bible (our assumptions, expectations, etc.). If you’ve questioned the way you were taught to read the Bible, or wondered if there is another way to engage these ancient Scriptures – this group is for you!
  3. You Are What You Love (sermon series discussion)
    Meets Sundays @ 11am
    What do we love? What things influence what we love, worship and pursue? Do we even recognize those things that influence us? Our sermon series will be asking those questions and wondering what we can do about it. We’ll take time to reflect and discuss those ideas in this group. If you are feeling the nudge to recalibrate your heart towards what really matters, this group is for you!

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Winter 2019 Small Groups