Sabbatical Stories (Part 1 – A Key to Reconciliation)

On his first Sunday preaching after Sabbatical, Chris walks us through he and his family’s trip to Israel and Palestine where they were enlightened and inspired by stories of peace and reconciliation in the midst of a war torn area. We are inspired to find the place for peace and reconciliation in our own lives […]

Beyond Hospitality 6.11.17

Janelle DeBlaay explores what it means to be truly hospitable. Listen as she encourages us to invite people into our lives, just as Jesus did.

When God is Silent 6.4.17

Sarah Lundberg helps us walk through times in life when we want to cry out “How long, Lord?” Listen as she uses the words of Psalm 13:1-6 to guide the conversation.

No Fear In Love (week 3)

Bethany leads us through the story of the Good Samaritan, exploring the ways that we find ourselves in the story and what it means of our love of the other.

No Fear In Love (week 1)

Chris leads us through Romans 3 and 5.  In order to love the other, we must first realize that we are the other as well.