Both/And: Rediscovering the Christ

In this first Sunday of Advent we discuss how opposite things can be both be true. That Jesus can be both human and divine and that learning to accept these paradoxes shows a maturity of faith.

Good and Beautiful God: God is Self-Sacrificing

This week we look at the story of two brothers (Mark 10) who were living out of a seductive false narrative that emptied them and their relationships.  Jesus shows us a different narrative and truth: emptying leads to filling.  

Good and Beautiful God: God is Holy

Chris addresses the false narratives that God is either passive or vengeful about our sins. Instead, he suggests, God merely opposes those things which prevent our growth and prevent us from becoming the best of what he made us to be.

The Good and Beautiful God – God is Generous

Part 3 looks at the false narrative that we earn God’s favor and compares it to the life and teaching of Jesus, who shows us that God’s favor is not a response to what we do, but simply an outpouring of God’s love for who we are.  

The Good and Beautiful God – God is Trustworthy

This week we look at a second narrative we learn from Jesus: God is Trustworthy. And we review the process by which we change.  Matthew 6; Matthew 26 Homework 1) If you want to recap this message, read chapter 3 from The Good and Beautiful God.  To prep for the message on the 23rd, read chapter 4. […]

The Good and Beautiful God: God is Good

Homework! The sermon on Sunday is only a start. We strongly encourage you to take another step or two this week in order to enter into the process of transformation more fully. Here are some ideas: 1) Read chapters 1-3 from The Good and Beautiful God. 2) Engage in one of these soul-training exercises. SLEEP […]

Salt & Light: A Radical Third Way

This Sunday we looked at Acts 15-an instructive passage for the church whenever it is facing contentious and difficult issues. As the Branch enters a dialogue around one of the most contentious issues of our day, we are committed to finding joy in what God is doing, receiving each other with delight (even when we […]

Our Story: Life After Exile

As the Israelites made their way back from exile they worked to resettle and rebuild.  On the one hand, it was a time of renewed spirituality, but on the other, it was a time of exclusion of the Other. Drew helps us consider what the example of the Israelites and Jesus teach us for today. […]

Our Story: Exile II

How do we faithfully navigate seasons of exile?  In this sermon, we look at some of the characters in Daniel who provide a glimpse into a life re-oriented toward God.