From the Fall to Babel

From Adam and Eve to Babel we see the way that humanity is prone to choose its own way.  Yet, God remains merciful, which we see ultimately in the sending and dying of Jesus.

Our Story: Genesis

To begin Our Story, Chris talks about how the book of  Genesis teaches us about who God is and who we are as a result.

The Three R’s

Re-read, Re-write & Respond: Chris walks us through a method of reading the bible to better apply it to our lives.

Love Does: Be Not Afraid

Drew leads us through Matthew 14 (Peter walking on water) and invites us to renew our belief that because of who God is, we do not need to live paralyzed by the fear of scarcity.

Love Does: Audacious Love

Chris discusses how our drive to become the greatest keeps us from love but if we seek to become the least we find fulfillment.

Luke 10:25-37 – Good Samaritan

Chris leads us through a familiar parable with an unexpected turn.  Through it, we’re challenged to rethink what it means to love our neighbor as ourself.  Luke 10:25-37