The Good and Beautiful God: God is Good

Homework! The sermon on Sunday is only a start. We strongly encourage you to take another step or two this week in order to enter into the process of transformation more fully. Here are some ideas: 1) Read chapters 1-3 from The Good and Beautiful God. 2) Engage in one of these soul-training exercises. SLEEP […]

Salt & Light: A Radical Third Way

This Sunday we looked at Acts 15-an instructive passage for the church whenever it is facing contentious and difficult issues. As the Branch enters a dialogue around one of the most contentious issues of our day, we are committed to finding joy in what God is doing, receiving each other with delight (even when we […]

Our Story: Life After Exile

As the Israelites made their way back from exile they worked to resettle and rebuild.  On the one hand, it was a time of renewed spirituality, but on the other, it was a time of exclusion of the Other. Drew helps us consider what the example of the Israelites and Jesus teach us for today. […]

Our Story: Exile II

How do we faithfully navigate seasons of exile?  In this sermon, we look at some of the characters in Daniel who provide a glimpse into a life re-oriented toward God.  

Our Story: Exile

Exile.  This period in Israel’s history raised all kinds of incredibly difficult questions.  Why did it happen?  Was God still faithful?  What about all of God’s promises?  Christi challenges us to not only look at Israel’s time in exile, but our own as well and through them find God’s restorative movement.

Our Story: A Kingdom Divided, the Temple Destroyed

The time of the Kings was a huge part of Israel’s history, but in time and in meaning, but it all came to an devastating end – including the destruction of the Temple.  What does this mean for us today?  Chris leads us through these questions this week.

Our Story: Change Through Offering

Bethany walks us through the lives and choices of Ruth, Hannah, Saul and David to show that in our darkest moments and deepest needs, when we make a choice for God we see change and growth.

Our Story: Messed Up People

Sarah tells the story of Samson the nazarite to illustrate that God works through us even when we are a complete mess.

Our Story: The Promised Land

Chris looks at the story of the Israelites and Jericho and addresses the dissonance between the war & destruction there and the loving God we see in the gospels, settling on Jesus as the accurate depiction of God.

Our Story: Exodus III – the Wandering

Josh leads us through the time of wandering of Israel and God’s provision in the desert.  As he does, we examine those times in our lives when we are in between the old and the new — the already and not yet.